School is out.

Ugh, finally. In four more fours, I will be able to sleep as much as I want without anyone bothering me! I just wanted to reflect on my experience during my semester at Science Colloquium class with Dr. Woo.

I had some awesome opportunities to meet up with some fascinating scientists, such as Dr. Jeanmarie Molina PhD, Dr. David Lahti, PhD, and Dr. Guillaume Marceau. I met some awesome classmates (Including a 62 year old Physics fanatic, and a Juilliard graduate)

Someone of the things I have learned.

1. All flowers do not smell good. Go to the Philippines and find that out.
2. There is no such thing is “De-Evolution”. Evolution does not have a backwards or forwards sign
3. There is really no such thing is “sustainable fishing”, partly because it has not been developed, and partly because most governments are dumb.
4. Technocracy is not democracy-AT ALL. But Dumb people might like it.
5. If the numbers match the results of a study paper; then its a good paper, but if it isn’t then there can be two issues (Either it was not done, or the paper was hastily done for the sake of getting government grant money.
6 Billions of Tax dollars go on to the study of fruit flies. Before you knock it down, the research of fruit flies has helped Forensic Anthropologist understand the levels of decomposition in human beings. Fruit flies, have been used to study aging, longevity, among other things.
7. Science is more about trying to prove something does not exist, rather than prove the existence.

I think thats all I wanna say.


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